Kari Malen

PhD Student

Kari Malen is currently working at XTBG as a Research Assistant for the EcoEvolution lab. Prior to moving to China, Kari lived and breathed natural resource issues in and around the Grand Canyon as the manager of Volunteer Programs working for the Grand Canyon Trust. She has been an environmental advocate, educator, and guide throughout the western United States and Florida.

With a M.S. from Texas Tech focusing on Physiological Plant Ecology and B.S. from the University of Florida in Natural Resource Management with a minor in Environmental Horticulture she is planning to pursue a PhD when her post as a Research Assistant concludes. Her research interests include Conservation Biology, Restoration Ecology and Environmental Education. She thinks backpacking, biking, and boating are particularly amazing ways to spend days on Earth.

Kari was recently accepted by CAS to begin a PhD project at XTBG. She will be developing effective tropical restoration strategies in and around Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan, Indonesia. You can find more details about the project [here].